Where can I find out just about anything related to GTDA?

If there is anything not answered here in our FAQ or somewhere else on our website, feel free to email gtda.board@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who is in the Club? Why do you put on dances?

We are a collection of Georgia Tech students who just love to dance. We volunteer our time and money to host monthly dances and workshops for Tech students and the Atlanta community.

Are you the GT Swing Club?

We have been called this a couple of times before. However, officially we are the Georgia Tech Dance Association. While we encourage all types of dancing, our main focus is Swing, Lindy, and on occasion Balboa.

How often do you have dances?

We hold dances once a month. We try to schedule them for the second Friday, but sometimes they fall on an earlier or later Friday, or even on Saturday. Please see our Calendar for the most up to date schedule.

Where are the dances held?

All the dances are held at the Georgia Tech Student Center Ballroom. Directions can be found on our Contact Us page.

What time do the dances start?

The music starts playing at 9 PM. There is a complimentary lesson starting around 8 PM with professional instructors.

I am not a student, can I still come to the dances?

Of course! Our dances are all-ages, smoke� and alcohol� free!

Is there a dress code?

Most guys usually wear a collared shirt and slacks and most girls usually where a casual dress or blouse/pants, but dress-code is whatever you feel comfortable dancing in. If they would let you into 7-11, then we’ll let you in. to our dance.

I have a great band to suggest for a future dance, who do I contact?

We would love to hear your suggestions, but do understand that we are a not-for-profit organization and as such, are limited in the funds we can provide for instructors. With that said, please send an email with the contact info to gtda.board@gmail.com and we will look into it!

Do you ever hold Workshops?

We do host workshops, but not on a regular basis. Please check our calendar for our schedule of workshops.