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Classes will start up again in Spring 2019. Check out our Blues Workshop in November!

Any questions or concerns? You can email us at or message us through our Facebook page.


Blues Dance Workshop
4:00-7:00 pm | Sunday, November 11 | Location: CRC Studio C

Get to know the blues! Blues dancing shares elements with Swing, Lindy Hop, and Jazz. This workshop will cover the basics of blues, not to mention improvisation, and musicality.
Recommended for all levels of swing dance experience. This event is open to the public.

Other Dance Styles Taught Previously:

Blues dancing shares elements with Swing and Lindy Hop since they were developed by the same culture, just as Jazz and Blues are related, and often share elements. All levels welcome.

Join in the fun dancing Charleston! Anyone can participate in this exciting, creative, and energetic dance that can be done to the thumping, uptempo rhythms at a swing dance and many popular songs from past and current years. The class will start with an easy to learn foundation which is built upon using a variety of jazz steps and can be extended to include movement of all different styles. This series will include a solid beginning for those new to the dance as well as inspiring movement for everyone.
[Example Video]

Jazz Steps
This course is for beginners and advanced dancers alike! The first class will focus on the basics of the Shim Sham, the iconic line dance of the swing dance community, and the Big Apple, a more long-form famous swing dance. The movements learned in this class can be incorporated into East Coast, Lindy, Charleston, and more.