More Events

Attending a variety of dances is a great way to get dancing experience. We encourage Georgia Tech students to better their dancing and social skills by trying one of these events.

Atlanta-area Events:

See Calendar to see GTDA’s schedule of upcoming dances.

Recurring Name Website
Monday Nights Hot Jam
Tuesdays GTDA Practica Time: 9:30pm – 11:30pm
Location: CRC Studio A, Buzzcard Required
Cost: Free for GT Students, students can bring other friends for $5 (CRC’s entrance fee)
Facebook Group: GT Vintage Swing Practica
Last Saturday of the Month Last Call Blues

Other Swing and Blues Events in Atlanta:
Terminus Swing and Blues Calendar

Annual Events:

Dates Name Info Location
First weekend in June Atlanta Lindy Exchange (ATLX) Social dancing Atlanta, GA
Last weekend of October Atlanta Varsity Showdown (AVS) Social dancing and classes Atlanta, GA
December 26 – January 1 Lindy Focus Social dancing and classes Asheville, NC
search for Lindy Focus on Facebook closer to time of the event to carpool From Atlanta

Events in Other Cities